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Velocette Venom 1957

1957 Velocette Venom ENG. VM1383 FRAME CORRECT

Veloce Ltd was founded in 1905 by Mr Johann Goodman and then proudly presided over by his descendants until its demise in 1971. By this time, to be fair, the vast majority of great British marques had finally realised that they had no wish to succumb to plain consumer demands and the great economies of scale the Japanese industry was bringing to bear on the entire scene. Velocette, like so many other great British factories with astounding race histories, chose death before dishonour. In many ways, the Velocette Venom laid the groundwork for many of VelocetteĆ­s great moments on the race track. Indeed, Burt Munro and Duncan Meikle chose a Velocette power plant to apply to their own eccentric pursuit of maximum speed. The black-and-gold engineering statement which frames the wonderfully robust 500cc OHV still barks heavy speed from a golden era of street racing.

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