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1970 Velocette Venom Thruxton 500 Dodkin Tuned

1970 Velocette Venom Thruxton 500 Dodkin Tuned
Engine Number: VMT 1142C. Frame Number: RS20044
$42,000 - $52,000All Black

The Velocette Venom Thruxton was the final development of Velocette’s remarkable pushrod single – a design in essence that dated back to the mid 1930s. Applying a minimal viable design philosophy the Thruxton’s evolution was slow. However, by the 1970s it had developed into a genuine 180kph machine. It was perhaps a poetic and fitting swan song for the entire British industry. With its romantic 1930s fishtails to its classically tuned power plant the Thruxton acknowledged 50 years of signature thinking. Considered the ultimate sports pushrod engine it included a sophisticated head with extra large valves and a down draught inlet port. This was married to an enormous carb that required a special cut away in the tank to fit. Combined you have an enormously flexible and highly economical power plant. Adding to this the proper black skin and racing fairing and cool aero dynamics and you have one timeless and wildly charismatic piece of kit which would have attracted the true outsider rider of the day. Setting records that still stand today and with only 1200 genuine Thruxton’s ever dispatched from the factory they remain one of the great collector bikes of the twentieth century. This example would be counted as one of the best in existence. History: This Thruxton has only had four owners. It was first registered in Cambridge, UK, on 9 March 1970 having been purchased new by Alan Baldwin. Baldwin onsold the Velo nine months later, through a dealer, on 14 January 1971 after finding it difficult to handle in city traffic. The new owner was a David Morton who registered the Velo in his name on 24 February 1971. Also in Cambridge, Morton owned the Velo for approximately 13.5 years and used it extensively except for a period of six years during which it was in storage in Sweden (from 1973 to 1979). The Velo was then returned to the UK and used th