April 12th

    April 12th, 1952

Dave Barr born Los Angeles, California. Found abandoned in the back seat of a car he was adopted by WWII Navy veteran Guy Barr and his wife, Lucille.

Dave Barr served with the US Marine Corps in Vietnam and earned 57 air medals. In 1972 he bought his first motorcycle, a Harley-Davidson Panhead which he rode coast-to-coast.

He returned to the military and in 1981 in southern Angola he lost both legs to a mine. He modified his Panhead and went on to circumnavigate the globe and make many other extensive journeys, all the while raising money for charities for the disabled.

    April 12th, 1968

On Good Friday Maria Roux died in an accident in the Karoo Desert, South Africa.

On Easter weekend 1978, Army Corporal Dawie van Jaarsveld gave a lift to a young woman near Uniondale. Shortly afterwards she disappeared from the back of his bike. He returned to search for her, then reported the incident to the local police. They were unsurprised, as there had been similar reports over the years, with parts of one event witnessed by a Uniondale police officer.

  1. Dave Barr
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