May 15th

    May 15th, 1949, 1982 and 2008

The North West 200 claimed the lives of 3 riders on this day - Englishmen P.L. Phillips on May 15, 1949 at Portstewart and John Newbold in 1982 on Juniper Hill; and Robert Dunlop of Northern Ireland approaching Mather's Cross in 2008.

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    1. May 15th, 2007

    Beryl Swain dies aged 71. She was the first woman to ride the Isle of Man TT solo. The history of the FIM is forever stained with the treatment they meted out to her when she announced her intention to race again the following year, 1963. They revoked her licence because she was a woman.

  • Beryl Swain IOM Racer
    1. May 15th, 2023

    Glenn Martin Hughes played the biker character in the Village People whose song YMCA became an international anthem. Given Trump's homophobia, it is rather surprising that he had a fake band sing their songs at Mar-a-Lago, as reported by TMZ on May 15th 2023.

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