June 10th

    June 10th, 1692

Bridget Bishop is the first witch to be hanged in Salem, Massachusetts. Thirty-one people were tried for witchcraft that year, and all were found guilty. Many were hanged, one was pressed to death. None were burned at the stake.

In 2009, the W.I.T.C.H. MC (Motorcycle Coven) was formed in the UK.

    June 10th, 1959

A small team of Honda people left Japan on this day bound for America, where the brand was practically unknown. Honda had entered the IOM races for the first time that year. By the end of 1961 there were over 500 stores in the United States selling "the thrifty, nifty Honda 50."
Nifty 50

    June 10th, 1994

The Vancouver Sun ran a story about Emilio Scotto, an Argentine motorcycle enthusiast, writer and photojournalist who, over 10 years, rode a total distance of 457,000 miles through 279 countries on his Honda Goldwing.
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