June 12th

    June 12th, 1953

Leslie Graham dies at Bray Hill during the 1953 Isle of Man Senior TT riding an MV Augusta.

He began racing speedway in 1929 and roadracing in 1936. He was a pilot during WWII and was awarded the DFC.
Leslie Graham DFC

    June 12th, 1998

Museo Ducati opens in Bologna.
Ducati Museum

    June 12th, 2023

Sydney newspaper The Leader reports that Jan Blizzard of Loftus was awarded the OAM for service to motor sports

"My mother's maiden name was Speed and our home was never without a motorcycle in the garage," she said.

Blizzard joined the St George Motor Cycle Club at the age of 15 in 1955, was race secretary for 60 years, president for 11 years and officiated at every meeting at Mt Panorama, Bathurst from 1951 to 1993.
Jan Blizzard