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    I have a 1966 Hercules K50,Funfgang (5 gears) that I need parts for, do you have the below parts or know of ANYONE IN THE WORLD that I could contact?

    Parts needed:

    * choke/enrichner cable housing

    *carb, Bing 1/17/55

    * air hose & clamps that go from carburetor to frame

    * left side cover (for frame, not engine)

    * right side cover (for frame, not engine)

    * muffler hanger strap that goes to frame

    * clamp for header pipe to muffler

    * tool kit for left side cover

    * owners manual

    * parts manual

    * service manual

    * fitting that screws onto petcock that fuel line slides on to

    * rear brake light switch (on left side lower frame, below swingarm)

    * tire pump for left side cover

    Thank you. (I am in Indiana, USA)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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