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    Cappra 360

    G’day guys, I’m new to this forum, Montesa’s and Spanish bikes in general – be gentle with me.

    By a long chain of events I’ve ended up with a butchered Montesa frame and various bits. I’m not 100% certain but I think I have a ’78 Cappra 360 “VB” MX’er (there are enduro bits like speedo drives etc with my bits but the frame and suspension are mx). More a rolling chassis rather a complete bike in bits.

    I have an engine but all the left side, clutch and primary drive is missing. The motor was split and I’m also missing some kick start mechanism. There is no ignition but I might just go straight to a PVL (although I’m concerned about the lack of flywheel weight effect to tractability).

    Its in that betwixt and between stage – should I break it up and sell the bits, or should I resto it. I’m in the decision process. I’m leaning toward resto since the bike is relatively rare and, by reading contemporary reports, is a good, if underrated, ride.

    What I’m doing at the moment is trying to identify what resources I can draw on and particularly the ease and availability of parts. So to you guys.

    Can you advise the interchangeability of parts, year to year, model to model, cota to VB, etc?

    Are parts available cheaply out of Spain? Who? Any Spanish company particularly good with communication in English?

    That’ll do for starters.

    Cheers, thanks in advance, Graeme

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