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    February 9, 2000

    I owned a Ardie when I was stationed in Berlin in 1963-64. It was supposedly a Berlin police from new in 1955 until I bought it at a car lot in 1963. It was in excellent condition and I rode it for two almost trouble free years. I was told it was a 250 and from its performance I believe that to be true. There was nothing on the bike to indicate the engine size. It was painted black and had two single seats. One mounted on the back fender. I have a picture of it somewhere if you are interested. Contact me at robiw at — Bill Robinsont



    Sun Sep 18 2005

    HI I´m Juan And I have a Ardie 250 (1953?) Its complete but need full restoration. How much can I ask for it? Thanks a lot!!




    The Ardie 250 (with telescopic front fork) from the West-Berlin special police must be from the Bereitschaftspolizeiabteilung I (short BPA I, special police battalion I), stationed then at the Schulzendorf barracks, French sector.

    The BPA II (Kruppstrasse barracks, British sector) had at this time the BMW R25/3 and the BPA III (Lankwitz barracks, US-sector) had NSU MAX, all used as “leichtes (Melde-) Kraftrad”, literally “lightweight messenger motorcycle”.

    The special police also had “heavyweight motorcycles”, BMW R51/2 and /3 sidecars.

    The traffic police had “middleweight motorcycles” and “heavyweight motorcycles”, BMW R51/2 and /3 solo and sidecars.


    BPA I in the late 50s. (With permission of: Polizeihistorische Sammlung Berlin, PPr Berlin.)

    Since 1960 or 1961 the motorcycle types from above were obsolete. All lightweight = BMW R27, middleweight = BMW R50/2, heavyweight = BMW R60/2 sidecar.

    Greetings from Berlin,

    Sven. motMann003.png

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