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    I have a friend who has a 650SS and he complains of the bike flooding when starting. After a little research I see this issue is inherant on these models. Is there a fix for this issue? It made me chuckle when I googled “Cagiva Alzera” to get the correct spelling of Alazzurra and found this explanation “As a package, period testers seemed impressed with the bike. The March 1985 issue of Rider magazine noted that “The new Cagiva 650 Alazzurra is better and less expensive than either of its Ducati predecessors.

    “That said, testers found faults with the bike, including lean jetting from the factory, attendant cold-bloodedness and a cam-type on/off enrichening lever that had no in-between positions. Set at “on,” the ‘Zzura would drown in its own gas shortly after the engine caught. But once turned off, the bike required a good five minutes of blipping the throttle before the engine reached regular operating temperature.”

    Does anyone know of a qualified mechanic in the Atlanta ,Ga. area? I am powder coating some parts for this guy and wanted to help him out with this issue.

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