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    December 28, 2002


    My name is Emilia and I have a Cagiva Canyon 600cc from 1998

    It has only been driven for 2800 km and it’s broke now.

    It won’t start and the alternator and the little clutch in the spinning wheel has been changed to new ones from the factory. The little basket behind the spinning wheel is also new. I had to wait for the parts for 3 months and the bike still doesn’t work. I had to pay for the job too because I couldn’t establish if it was a factory fault. Its very strange that I bike like that just stops working. Like I said the bike has only been driven by me 2800 km and all the services where done with a mechanic. I live in Sweden and I’m the only one with a bike like that. All I can say is that I will never buy a Cagiva again. All the money that I´ve lost on that bike.

    That’s why I’m writing to you because I´m looking for the electric schedule to the Cagiva. My mechanic would like to now all facts from the CDI unit to the alternator, how many Ohms there has to be. The CDI unit is also changed but it still doesn´t work. I know there was a factory problem with the bike in the spinning wheel in my model the 1998 models. This Cagiva has a Cagiva engine.

    I would be glad if you could send me an electric schedule (not the electric schedule that’s at the back of the Cagiva Instruction book, not that one, because I already have that and there is no facts, no HELP)or if you could help me to find someone that can help me. Do you have some contacts with Cagiva factory?

    Please help me!

    Here is my email address: Emmigirl at

    BYE Emilia



    March 9, 2001

    I’ve recently brought a 1996 Cagiva canyon 600 trying to find any info on this bike is nearly impossible has any one else got one if they have please contact me with any tips on servicing looking after the bike or just for a chat. — webmeister13 at

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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