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    I have just bought one of the above.

    Are parts readily available?

    Mine has the common problem? of the starter motor connection to the flywheel breaking teeth on the starter motor side as far as I know.

    There have been mods. done by the factory and I believe the part no. for the modified kit of parts is 8000 84707?

    Does anyone have this kit of parts or know where to get it?

    Has anyone heard of or done a kick starter conversion?

    Looks like a nice bike but i cant ride it as I cant start it.

    thanks in advance.



    hi there

    if i’m correct that’s the same engine as in my river 600, but with 44hp. Parts are hard to find, but there have some in stock. . A bit pricey, but cheap in comparison to dumping the bike. Starter motor breaking teeth on the motor side? That sounds strange to me, please explain it a bit more.

    I haven’t heard of any mod from the factory nor kick starter conversion, but sounds very interesting, if you get info and don’t mind sharing, please contact me or post here.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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