diagram of magneto on a sachs 100,125.

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    bob smith

    im thinking the colors of the 3 wires coming from the mag. are not coded

    correctly, as i have a 1 amp drain with the bike ign. sw turned off. i would love to see a diagram of how the magneto is wired. any help out

    there? thanks, bob



    What year model is the bike?


    bob smith

    hi, thanks for the reply. the bike is a hercules, jbe, k100, 1959.

    i have taken the flywheel off, and the plate with the points, ign. coil,

    charge coil, and the two lighting coils. the wiring to these seem to be

    intact, with no pinched or shorted wires. each of the wires goes to its own

    coil(charge, lighting, ignition). the problem is with the red wire to the

    charge coil. there is batt. pwr to that wire all the time. also the rectifier

    is in that circuit,too. i wonder if the rectifier is supposed to pass current

    one way but not the other? i have a factory wiring diagram, and have

    triple ckd the way the ign. sw. is wired. i dont know how to test the

    rectifier. thanks for any help. bob



    Numerous Sachs manuals here:


    I don’t think the page has the one you need as yet, however.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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