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    hi all,

    just found site so will say hi,

    had 4 garelli’s when 16 a few(cue coughing) years ago, 2 tiger cross and 2 rekords,

    had 3 cranks go in 2 weeks, got so good i could take out engine, swap crank and have back in bike running in 2 hours :lol:

    can’t remember what happened to them, got a fantic 125 enduro at 17, which i still have…….

    fabulous bike, 32horses and lots of fun….. :lol:



    February 5, 2000

    When I was 16 living in England back in 1975 all the local kids had new mopeds like Yamaha FS1Es and Honda 50s. My best friend’s Dad used to work abroad for Penthouse magazine and bought my mate a brand new Garelli 50 moped . He used to let me ride it and all the other lads were really p*!*!! off because the Garelli was quicker and really had great street cred at the time…. I have just found a similar Garelli moped and will restore it…where can I get parts these days ?

    A. Boxall, BlondMoto Concept Vehicles . England . E-Mail: gillohara at



    February 13, 2000

    I’m something of a Garelli sports moped fan. I have restored two Tigers and two Rekords and am presently working on a KL100. All of these were manufactured in the early seventies.

    I have quite a few contacts for spares and bikes. Contact me if you need any info. United Kingdom only I’m afraid.

    If you have a Garelli for sale drop me a line, I might be interested or know of someone who is. Also if you want details of how to join the UK based Sports Moped Owners Club – dedicated to 1970s sports mopeds- call my friend Chris on: s.m.o.c. at

    Cheers, — Brent Fielder — brent at

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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