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    I have an old (1984) Gilera TG125 which I want to renovate. I have a small owners manual which gives very basic information on routine maintenance, but nothing more. Has anyone got anything more suited to renovation?

    I’d also be interested to talk to anyone else that’s renovated one.

    Many thanks.




    Hi Franksie,

    One, all or maybe none of these could help, but worth a try;

    Bob Wright UK Gilera Spares Specialist. an Italian site that deals with numerous older Italian manuals and they do show 2 TG Manuals but in Italian only. They do speak English there, so you could email them on and ask if they have an English version. an Italian Gilera Forum that does have an English language section. Connected to the Gilera Historical Register and I would think someone over there should be able to assist as the English section is read by English speaking Italian Members.

    Our own Club Forum has many non-Club Members and just maybe one of them knows the answer. (None of our current Members have a TG125).

    Hope you get lucky

    Paul I Gotta Gilera Owners Club of Britain



    Many thanks for that, I’ll start chasing that straight away.

    I did get a manual of sorts from Bob Wright a few years ago but it really only gave maintenance tips – where to put the oil in and what type of oil etc.

    Thanks for your advice



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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