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    Here is a picture of my first ever mx bike which my dad and me believe to be an italjet rcx 50cc. We have the manual still for this machine and it is a malagutti manual but our bike was definately a italjet.

    It was a four speed manual geared bike, Mono shock with a blue frame and handlebars, Yellow plastics and gold anodised rims, Front and Rear drum brakes.

    The bike was purchased in Poole, Dorset in 1995 from a place called Lytchett Minster bike breakers which ceased trading in around 1997.

    Any Information on what model of italjet this truely magnificent machine was or if there is someone out there with one that they would part with for £money the please message me via private message.

    We have tried in vain to get one of these machines for years but to no avail, PLEASE HELP!

    Many thanks,

    Mark tegs.

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