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    June 7, 2001


    I have a Itailjet 50cc Auto which needs work. I think it mid 80’s because 84 was marked on

    the back of the plastic side panel. I don’t know what model it is but it has a blue frame with

    yellow plastic tank mud guards etc. It has cast Aluminum. wheels, drum brakes and a blue

    seat with a name like “Erica” on the back.

    I need a new piston, rings and barrel as the original barrel has been deeply grooved with a

    broken ring and it can not be re-bored as It looks like it is nickel plated. I also need rear

    shock bushes and other bits. I would love to get this going for my Kids. Does anyone know

    what model this may be and where I can get some spares in the preferably in the UK.



    mahle.chelmsford at



    January 11, 2000

    could any one help me with spare parts contacts in Australia new or used. I have two Italjets, one is a BUSTER 50cc auto which needs rh front fork and a cast alloy front wheel, the other is a mini bambino which is nearly complete and will sell it if some one needs spares as it doesn’t get used. Any information about spare parts contacts would be appreciated. —

    Thanks — Brett Phelps — Australia — phelps173 at



    January 9, 2001

    Can I add my name to the list of people asking for help finding spares? I have a little Italjet Buster 50cc Auto (Sorry, that’s all I know. Please help. — Claire Macfarlane —

    clairemacfarlane at



    July 20, 2000

    Does anyone know how to remove the speed regulator on the Italjet 50 CC it’s slow enough without it ! I Saw a picture of the speed regulator in a US web page and it looks simple.

    We are getting ripped off to remove this £60 !!! Can anyone help me ? — Anschutz,

    Dominic — DAnschutz at



    June 20, 2000

    I have an unidentified Italjet 50cc automatic dirt bike. It has a blue frame and bars with a yellow tank and seat. It appears to be a 80ish model but there are no serial numbers. Can you id this bike (years made, model, name)? I am in need of the rear 8 inch mono shock. Does anyone have one or know were to get one? I called Cosmo Motors and they referred

    me to Performance Works in CA and they want to make one for $200. Italjet as a 9 1/2 inch for the new fastboy for $110. There has to be used shocks out there or an alternative. Any help you can provide would be GREAT!!! — Rich — Rwoolever at



    I’m looking for a clutch, possibly a centrifugal clutch for an Italjet SX50. My 4 year old cant pull in the lever and I’m wondering if there’s a retro fit clutch for this 50cc beast. — J kinch

    — jkinch at



    December 27, 1998

    I have an ItalJet 50 dirt bike. It is red with black fenders and side plates and has an automatic transmission. The tank has an American flag logo, drum brakes and shocks. It

    could be early “70s”. — Dwayne — DWAYNE104 at



    I have a 2000 Italjet torpedo 50cc.

    I desperatley need a front brake master cylinder. I have been looking for 3 months.

    IM located in seattle Wa. I need this asap or my repair man is about to charge me over $1100 worth of work. can you belive he didnt notice my brake didnt work and did all that work, just to find out my bike is undrivable. can someone please help im despearate.

    Alia Crowe


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