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    I recently acquired a 1977 Maico 250 GS (enduro model). The bike has no spark. I changed the spark plug cap, spark plug and cleaned and confirmed connections from stator to the combined Bosch CDI box / HT coil (Bosch part number 1 217 280 022) were tight. Electrex World in the UK lists a replacement stator, but before buying, I wanted to confirm the stator is the source of the problem.

    The stator has three wires for the ignition (and two more for lighting that are currently disconnected), red, brown and violet. I believe brown to be ground, as it measures near zero ohms to the engine case. I measured 336 ohms from red to brown, but about 1.5M ohms for violet to brown.

    The red wire is the high voltage charging coil input. The violet is the pulse generator.
    The violet seems out of spec to me based on stators from two other vintage bikes with CDIs I’ve worked on.

    Does anyone know the acceptable range of values for the stator coils?

    Thank you,

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