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    April 30, 1999

    I am a proud owner of a MAICO ’69 360 square barrel, which I bought in ’74 for $200. Took the rust off and raced it for three years until a wire broke in the coil on the stator assembly. now it has sat in my garage for the last twenty years. Engine in a crate, and the rest in a corner. I would’nt part with this bike for anything and if I understand correctly, it was the last year for the square barrel.

    I’m hoping to start restoration this summer. The only parts that are not stock are the Wheelsmith pipe,and the original kickstand, which is appx. 3 ft. long, so the bike is almost on it’s side when it’s sitting on it. I’m ready to start looking for the parts, and the people I’ll need to contact for information and advice.

    While it was up and running, it was like a dream when riding it. the handling and the powerband were so smooth it seemed to move by thought. Lean, roll on the throttle and the bike went right where you knew it would. I’ve never ridden anything so smooth or positive. Now I would like to start restoring this beauty but I need a lot of parts and time. That’s why I’m surfing the internet to start finding what I need and get some good ideas. — Fred Hazleton — Fhazl at

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