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    November 23, 1998

    I have a 96 500RC is Maico still selling Motorcycles in America how can I get a 98

    Jim Varner — Phoenix,AZ jvarner at



    April 24, 2000

    I have a 94′ Maico 500ccm , it needs a new piston , but I can’t get one here in Denmark. Where can I get parts for it ?

    Thanks , Lars Henrik Denmark — lhdn at



    July 22, 2000

    Hello from Greece,

    We try to find a fuel tank for MAICO SCORPION 500 cc MX or Enduro model 84 — informe us both — Athens 22 July 2000 — Kostas Ganis — axinosp at — randallo at



    October 4, 2000

    I have a 1999 MX 500 Maico FOR SALE. THIS BIKE IS TRICK. Motor was recently built by Eric Cook at Maico Only. Front fork tubes have been hard anodized. Pipe has been nickel-plated. There is only 3 hours on the new motor. Like new condition!!!!!!!!!! Lots of Extras!!!!!!!!!!! I live in Roseville, California. E-mail me for more information or any questions. — Tim Holzer — tjholzer at



    January 29, 2001

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I have been riding a Honda CR500 for many years and decided that I am getting too old to continue riding motocross, I therefore decided to have a go at endurance riding (more like cross country riding with a bit of dirt and jumps thrown in). This means that I require a road legal motorbike, you can see where this is going!!

    Whilst visiting a KTM shop last weekend I saw a 1999 model Maico 500 Enduro for sale. The bike looks nice and clean and the price is reasonable (2800.00 UK Pounds), I particularly like that its a 500cc 2-stroke like my CR.. The question is, are they any good? I realize as this is a Maico forum I am probably not likely to hear many negative comments, but I wanted to ask. I remember the name Maico from years ago but have no idea if the modern Dutch version is reliable or not. I am also looking at a Yamaha WR400, not quite the same type of bike but apparently very reliable, if not a bit heavier and a lot less power than the Maico.

    Thanks for any comments or advise.

    Regards Gary — gary.waugh at



    March 15, 2001

    I’ve been unable to locate the web address for the (new) Maico Mfg in Holland. I’m considering buying a new 500 enduro – Washington is very easy to license otherwise off-road cycles.

    Do you have their web address please?

    Thank you,

    Brad Hazeltine — bradhazeltine at

    Duvall, WA

    253-856-5434 desk direct 6:30 – 3:00 pm PST



    April 11, 2001

    Maico for sale:

    500cc moto cross 96 new piston, bearings, brake pads, chain and sprocket any tell England 01724784798 mobile07740708866 or email scot29uk at



    July 25, 2002

    Hi there,

    A while ago I told you all how I found back my ex-competition GMstar 500.I did a couple of MX-sessions with it. Now, a problem occurred which I already experienced when I raced it back in ‘ 87. It has to do with the cooling liquid. This always seems to mix with the oil in the crankcase. I already replaced the oil seal and water pump bearings as well as the water pump axe. After an hour of riding, the cooling liquid had already lowered level and my engine oil had turned into a grey ‘ soup ‘. Does anyone with a liquid cooled Maico know how to deal with this? I NEVER use plain water to fill the cooling system, cause I know, bit by bit, this causes damage to the alloy. So I don’t think I make a mistake by using special cooling liquid, do I? Or do I place the oil seal in the wrong way? I usually place it with the spring facing the crankshaft, although this is of minor importance, or not?

    Please help me so I don’t end up overheating my precious Maico!! Answer at kurt.catelin at .Thanks!

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