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    January 28, 1999

    I`m trying to fix a old, rusty but really beautiful Maico blizzard 1960. If some body has any catalog or pieces, please let me know. I really need some of that. — Rodrigo González rogonzal at



    December 4, 1999

    I read with interest your note on the Maico Blizard. I have a 1958 with less than 2000 original miles on it and am the second owner. I have tried to get any info that I can on this bike because I would like to restore it to original shape someday. It was sitting for many years and froze up as well as rusted up. I did succeed in getting the engine freed up and even fired up once.

    I have taken it apart to sand and prep as well as clean. The only parts that I really could use are the internal coil, a headlight glass, and the right side case over the electrical side. My side case and coil were destroyed by mice living in that side.

    I do have everything else from the original tires, tire pump ,keys, etc. to the owners manual.

    I would appreciate any notes of history about this bike, such as how many were made or how many are around. I have not found anyone anywhere else that has seen one or knows anything about the Blizard.

    Thanks for any help. — recurrier at



    February 18, 2002

    Good morning…

    Could you post a listing for me, please? I have a large assortment of 1957 Maico Scrambler (Blizzard?) parts for sale. 200cc motors. Wheels, fenders, frames, pipes, leading-link front suspensions, seats, headlights. E-mail me with needs and I’ll reply with photo’s. I can ship world-wide. Payment must be in US funds. James V. Gilmore.

    retro-motive. jgilmore at . Spokane WA





    November 11, 2001

    I have decided to sell my 1968 Maico Blizzard 250 Streetbike. I have owned this bike for a few years now and it is in need of a restoration but is fully complete and in my eyes an easy fixer upper if you have the time. My two kids, a full time job, and an unfinished 1957 Chevy streetrod project forces sale of this unique motorcycle. I have the owners manual the tire pump and so on for this model but it does need a lower end bearing for the motor and it is accessible to buy. The seat is wonderful the tank is clean and she needs a home. I am in Michigan and will work with shipping if needed, also the bike is titled in my name. God Bless & if your looking for a unique ride or show bike this could be it. I also have a 1965 305 Honda dream and a restored 1968 150 Honda benley for sale too. Clint — crazywithkids at



    December 29, 2000

    I have a 250 blizzard and it has a bad rod bearing (lower end). I would like to see if I can get the bearing or if anyone has an idea on what to do. The bike is blue & cream color with white pinstripe between the two colors and I wondered if that was correct for this bike. I was told it was a 1968 but am not sure at this point. The bike is very nice and complete and if anyone knows a value I would appreciate it. Thanks!! — Clint Goulet — cgishere2 at



    August 28, 1999

    I own a Maico 1956 blizzard in reasonable good shape, which I am planning to make completely tiptop. However there is a problem in keeping the motor running for more than about 15 seconds. (too short to enjoy the blessings of riding it) I think it’s a carburetor problem (bing), since the motor (years ago) always ran o.k.

    Of course I thoroughly cleaned the carburetor, but I need some more technical info. A manual would do for instance. Also I need some small parts, like aluminum lining of seat, rear brake-system etc. Are there any clubs in Holland or France? — P.Vaandering, Holland — peter.vaandering at



    March 10, 2000

    I have one old Bing carburetor for sale for:

    MAICO BLIZZARD M250 S/II motorcycle, with model number BING # 1/26/50

    Other Bings: 1/22/164 and 1/22/164m for FICHTEL SACH 100/4 S

    and three old DELLORTO carburetors for motorcycle with model number # RC 26.

    And IKOV carburetors: (one IKOV #DJ , and another IKOV #TK).

    If you are interesting , let me know. — Thank you: Pedro Herrera phf66 at

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