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    July 17, 2000

    Moto-Villa motorcycles.

    I own most of the British ex-importers stock that still exists in England. I have a large amount of engine spares for Moto-villa motorcycles. I am at present restoring a Villa CR125 1978 vintage which I still need body work parts for i.e. petrol tank and seat, I will swap information or parts for these, I have a lot of paperwork, tests and information for these motorcycles. I also know where most of the Villa’s are that are left in the country as I’ve been interested in the subject for many years.


    Any replies to s.mangan at



    Hello, i am looking for a seat of moto cross or enduro villa year 1979 or 1980. Have you got one? Thanks for your answer. Sorry for my english but i am french…




    I need technical Data for my Villa 250, and perferably a complete Ignition System as I have no spark actually.

    For a registration as a vintage historical Bike, I wold need all the technical Data for the Bike, it is a 250cc.






    Brough???????? are you still around???? do you still have Moto Villa Parts? I’ve just bought a CR480 from scotland very nice and tidy bike and very orginal it has the wrong forks and yokes on but I have managed to source some more original ones along with a couple of sets of wheels!

    Do you still have much stock? Its always useful to know whats about, any idea how many CR480’s are left in the Uk I have been told there were only 40 ever made and only 6 remain!

    Hope you get this!

    Rgds Dc



    Hi ,

    Anyone in the UK still got spares, new or used, for a Villa? I’m looking for a bottom folding kickstarter with a 20mm spline diameter. (19.8 to be exact).



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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