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    I’m looking for an engine as mine has self-destructed! Turns out that the bearings on the crankshaft went; the crankshaft may be distorted; the big end [ bottom half ] is knackered; the clutch casing is bust and was welded before by someone; the clutch plates are nearly gone and the plate was welded too and is nearly dead…………what else?…………oh yeah, the casing where the bearing sits is completely arsed and the alternator is stripped again; and the bloke who stripped it all out for me reckons the milage has been fiddled with as the engine looks like it’s done a shed-load more than it reads………. :cry: ……….Apart from that the bike’s a dream.

    Anyone got an engine or know of one kicking around?




    There was a guy on ebay selling a lot of Canyon spares last week. All that was left when I looked today was a rear spring. The guy is based in staffordshire, and he certainly had a spare engine for £99. It might be worth trying to email him to see whats left.



    Ps My Canyon came from a local breakers, who had given up trying to find a starter motor.



    Thanks for the information, Nick. Just sent a question about spare engines to him. If I can get one at a sane price I’ll be happy. Can’t say I want to end up breaking the bike and getting what I can for it; cost enough in the first place!

    Thanks for the help,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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