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    Hello to all :D ,

    My name is Jean Philippe, 47 old, living in south of France (Gard).

    I possess a Bultaco 250 serie 198A of 1979, bought in 1984, used then put in sleep “watched” from 1990 and woken in its juice successfully 6 months ago.

    A finished house, bigger children, the short the bowl roll in motorcycle of road ( Ducati), a region convenient to the off road traffic, make me return to my firist love the trial and my Bultaco.


    I had the luck to possess the other Bultaco: in 1976 a lobito T serie 156, then in 1980 one 125 serie 185.

    I am a believer and a fan of the mark, as well as the selector to the right!




    I also practised the enduro in parallel, possessing successively Ossa phantom 125, Fantic Motor 125 régolarita, and Husqvarna 240 WR.


    My registration is motivated by the pleasure to discuss with the other passionate persons and the users.

    Please welcome me in your forum and in the pleasure to discuss soon with you all.

    I am also registered on a new forum on the marks of Spanish motorcycles of road, competitions and any ground (trial, enduro, cross, short track). This forum is in french, english & spanish language.

    We find Bultaco, Derbi, gas-gas, Sanglas, Mototrans-Ducati, Sherco Montesa, Ossa.

    To discover with the link

    For those whom it interests..


    Jean Phi

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