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    Last week I purchased a 1956 250cc Max Special which I have had engine out in oredr to replace a leaking clutch case side gasket………………that was a learning curve.

    Throttle and choke Cables seem extremely short and are adversly affecting starting throttle catching unless I tilt the Carb towards the frame which of course causes it to flood.

    I have trawled everywhere for english manuals and parts book – I understand that there are apparently two manuals part 1 = engine part two everything else plus a multi language (including English) parts book………………

    There is further work that will need to be done and without the manuals I am at a complete loss so please,

    CAN ANYONE HELP PUT ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION FOR ENGLISH DOWNLOADS – I really want to get this lovely bike back on the road alongside my other classic machines.

    Matt (Northamptonshire – England)

    P.S. – Anyone else local to me own such a machine?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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