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    Very good condition 1958 Zundapp 210S for sale.

    The previous owner spent a lot of time and money restoring it (much more than my asking price!)

    I’d like to get £1400 for it, or I might part-exchange it for an older motorcycle (British, French or German?) or an unusual scooter in good condition (cash either way). I particularly like Terrot VMS2 and Goggo scooters.

    I can arrange delivery within UK for £60, or to Europe for £250.

    I’ve also shipped bikes to USA, Australia, etc before, and could arrange this if it helps you; price is usually around £450-£600. Shipping to a port is much cheaper than to an inland city.

    The Zundapp has a British Registration Document

    My contact details are on my website (scroll down the page for a bigger photo of the Zundapp)


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