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    I have a Rixie RS100 I am restoring, I wondered if anyone knows if its possible to buy an Engine Gasket set, and seals, it would also be good to know what colours it would have been when new



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    Craig P

    Hi there

    From what I can make out from the photo it has a Sachs motor and normally there is a plate riveted to the casing with the eng no., eng size and date amongst other info . This will assist in tracking down any spares . Sachs engine spares are reasonably freely available on eBay across Europe and the USA ranging from good value to plain criminal in price . As they used they metric system much of the nuts, bolts and seals are available over the counter if need.

    You can look at joining a Club as usually the combined knowledge of the members just blows the mind and normally there is a brand expert Too that will only be to willing to offer assistance.

    There are a number of eBay shops that have large inventories of NOS and good reproductions? Sachs supplied motors to a huge number of motorcycles manufacturers from the 1940’s on. Normally the old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” rings true .As for the colour ,check in the hard to spray areas such as under the tank ,in the fenders and any areas that normally is not readily seen if you suspect a respray. Original bikes that have not been restored can and are often more valuable in that tatty shape than similar bikes that have had a make over and are brite and shiny. Surf the net for examples of similar bikes or bikes from the same area . This will give you an idea of the colours available to the public at that time. You can try Motorrad Stemler they are on the net and offer downloadable catalogues and price lists speak english and cater form Adler to Zundapp . Well I hope this is of use to you . This from my experience over the years when I was seeking the same answers .Most all just the enjoyment of a restoration or zooting along down the road is the key.cheers Craig



    There’s a wealth of information on Sachs at http://cybermotorcycle.com/euro/brands/sachs.htm
    and many more links to clubs, specialists and dealers here:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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