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    hi folks.

    new guy here as just fond the site couple days ago.

    for a while now i have been in posession of a sachs engined mystery scrambler.

    i was led to beleive it was a cotton framed emc,but all my searching led to nought.

    i finally stumled across the pic of the hercules mx250.

    this looks very like the bike.

    my real problem is that i have an engine that is a complete basket case and doesnt even include the barrel and piston.

    did hercules do a chromed frame?

    the engine no. is 8813801. type is sachs 2501/7a. 245cc

    the only no on the frame is 02477.

    you can see a photo here

    any help would be great. any info on where to get a barrel and piston or even better acomplete engine would be even better.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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