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    Maybe an unusual question I have. Well to start it off, I have a friend who is a computer illiterate motorcycle enthusiast. Great around tools and bikes though. He came across a bike that has stumped even that Mr Knowitall. Here is where I got to ask you to forgive my lack of knowledge in this area. He gave me this information “leading link” front end Enduro and it has a 125 cc Sachs engine.

    Oh yeah it is a Hercules motor cycle. Maybe near mid 50’s

    That is all that he gave me to go on. Now that is all said and done, I was wondering if you could lead me in a direction so that I can find some information on this particular bike. If you could help me out, I could get some pictures of it in the near future to add to your site. Just a thought. — Joe — diamond-joe at



    November 01, 1999

    I have a 125 cc bike and I’m searching for an electric diagram for it. It’s a Sachs engine, from the Dutch army, any other plans can help me also. —Thanks— De_smalle at

    Any idea what brand of bike it is???

    Sheldon Aubut

    November 2, 1999

    It’s a Hercules bike, from the Dutch army, I’ll give you some details …

    – the ignition is completely surrounded by metal so water can’t get to it.

    – on both ends of the steer there are orange lights.

    – the wheels are from Sachs, also the engine (125cc, 5 speed, kick-starter) is from Sachs.

    My English isn’t that good, sorry if there are any mistakes in this message

    Thanks, — Ward Decalf — decalf.tsjerno at



    December 23, 2000

    I am an Italian collector, I own a Sachs 125 cc 1969 cross country (boondocker) and I’ll be happy to know if someone has original commercial depliants or papers about. Thank you — Lamberto Poggi — Roma Italy — e-mail polinnia at



    February 4, 2001

    I have two Boondockers, one is pretty much new, street legal, with nifty old German head light, plus a spare bike, that was raced, I am up in Calgary Canada, I am currently culling my herd of bikes as I have a pretty cool son who takes up most of Dad’s time and space for now. I am looking for about 750.00 for all of it (Canadian). Tim — 2mantractor at



    April 14, 2001

    Hi, I have had this 1966 Sachs for about 4 years and finally got most of it restored, with a couple of parts I need to track down, it was given to me by friends in Northern Ca. and I hauled it here when we moved about 2 years ago finally found this web site through a friend who was quite impressed with the photos I had of the bike and he really was the one who came across this web site, anyway I have a copy of the sales literature sheet on the bike and also apparently, It is a Hercules style in which Joe Berliner put the Earles style front end on the Hercules Bike and also has a 125 Sachs engine on it which is clean as A whistle, I had it up and running after redoing the frame up restoration and haven’t even ran it yet because the gas valve was leaking like a sieve, so I really haven’t had much time to work on it since getting this job where I am working 6 days a week, If you have any info or even might know who I could get a hold of who might I sure would appreciate it very much. — Sincerely, Sandy — billnsandy at



    June 7, 2002

    Can anyone help me get a new needle for my carb? The bike is a 1973 Hercules Boondocker (125cc) any help would be appreciated — thanks — Olddesmo — Olddesmo at



    October 22, 2001

    I have a 1967 Sachs Boondocker (I think) that I would like to get running and restore. Does anyone know where parts, manuals, etc may be found as well as a restorer who might be familiar with this bike?

    Thanks, Tom

    On the steering stem:

    Hercules Typ 698 Art 189

    Fahrgestell – NR 698000520

    Baujahr 1967

    Zul.Ges.Gew 235


    Fichtel+Sachs AG 5234078

    Tom Leonard — tleonard at



    I am amazed to find something about this brand of motorcycle. In 1969 my father and uncle bought, and still own, 2 of the 125 Enduro models. Both bikes were used for enduro racing until 1972 and were returned to stock. They have less than 600 miles each. My dad still has all of the original paperwork and manuals. They start on the first kick even today. I am interested in finding more about these bikes as to date I have found nothing. Thank you. Ben Kuhn — bkuhn at



    December 27, 2001

    I bought a 69 Sachs Cross Country 125cc new and have had it ever since. I rode and raced(enduro and motocross) it for 3 years. My wife rode it for a few years then my son and finally my daughter. I used to be a mechanic at a dirt bike shop in Burbank, CA in the early 70s and my specialty was the Sachs engines and gearboxes. I tried to start mine today but found the point spring was broken. If I can’t find a new set of points I’ll use an old set I have. I have lots of parts for the Sachs engines, cranks, gears, cases, cylinders etc. I don’t have pistons or rings.

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