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    Ural Rider

    Morning all.
    A while ago myself and a friend started doing Ural sidecar tours here in South Africa. See Facebook under uralsidecartours and http://www.uralsidecartours. co.za
    We have about 10 Tourist, Gear -up and Retro’s that we use and if needed, we can get more.
    Our main focus is on doing tours in the beautiful Western Cape and Cape Town, one of the top 10 most beautiful cities in the world.
    Recently I started marketing day trips in Johannesburg and it is going really well.Lots of corporates involved.
    We do these trips to tourist places and custom rides as you like.
    We also have a few Nature Reserves we visit on the rigs so our clients can see African wildlife.
    This is also aimed at the tourist visiting the city with only a day or so to spare and wants to see something different and safe.

    Our Platinum trip in the Western Cape includes the following;( just naming a few)
    2x nights on wine farms, wine tasting included
    2x nights on ostrich farms, ostrich riding included
    visit the Cango caves
    walk with loins
    big five lodge sleepover and game drive, not in rigs! :D
    bed, breakfast and dinner
    a rig to drive yourself or with a driver
    various freebies
    snack pack every day
    cage diving with great white sharks
    all nights will be in a 4 or 5 star or boutique hotel
    many, many nice things to do at each stopover
    this trip is usual for 10 nights but we can adjust it to suit you.

    If anyone from this forum needs more details pls contact us.
    I will post our newest 6 day tour on the website in pdf form, pls look and comment.

    So if you plan to see South Africa in a different perspective and in our safe hands, you know where to go.



    It may pay to read this page about the Ural:

    It has a link to Adventurerider which says:

    Bottom Line Up Front: Ural motorcycles are poor quality (fit and finish) and reliability for the price they charge. They are one of the MOST UNRELIABLE new bikes you can buy in America today. If you’re buying a new bike at new bike prices then you deserve new bike quality. Old design is not an excuse for poor quality control.
    It’s YOUR money, read the maintenance section on a Ural fan site and see if this is the kind of bike that you want.

    My advice: switch to Dnepr which is much more reliable, probably cheaper (certainly in the long term) and has the great advantage of not originating in a country which is fast going down the gurgler due gross mismanagement and corruption.

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