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    Not sure really how to start this off, so I’ll just dive right into it. About eight months ago, I came into the possession of a very rare Italian single by Moto Morini. I doubt any of you have ever heard of it, but it is called a Jaguar, and it is an extremely rare U.S. only variant of the European Thunderchief, itself the Enduro model of the famed Corsaro line. It is completely original down to the paint, though the decals are mostly faded off. There is some rust, but it is all surface, with only very minor pitting in places. It has a clean non-salvage title. Missing is the tail light lens, the toolbox door, and the air cleaner. I have found all those parts for sale in, but I have not had the money to spend on them (they run fairly high due to their scarcity). When I got it, it had 607 original miles on it, and I have nearly doubled that. It is quite a blast to drive (I am of the philosophy of using the machine with the purpose it was given).

    That having been said, I do feel a tinge of remorse with every mile I put on it. I am in love with it and its uniqueness, but I would rather have something that isn’t what may be the only surviving example of the breed. I would also enjoy having a little more displacement than 125cc, as I can only really afford to run one bike at a time. I am content with keeping it the rest of my life, but if I could trade it to a collector who could really give it proper love, and in return get another bike of the same era with less collectiblity and more practicality, I would consider it. Again, I don’t have to trade it, but I would like to see any offers that someone might want to make.

    Guidelines are, it has to be of similar condition. My bike is clean and runs strong with only slightly over 1k miles on it, so I expect to not get a derelict in return. Unless it is a really incredible bike, I would like one with a title (but I MAY consider those without). I would like to get a bike that has between 350 and 750 cc, smaller and it doesn’t have enough umph, larger and I would just as soon drive a car (though I doubt any offers will come rolling in with larger engines anyway); so anywhere from an Aermacchi 350 to a Guzzi twin would be considered. My thing is old (1974 and earlier) Italian bikes, though I will consider later ones (later than early 80s, though, and I likely will have to decline). If it isn’t Italian, I also love most other Euro marques, with British and German coming in second and third on my list. I will also consider Japanese bikes, though I would rather trade a Euro for a Euro. No Harleys, unless you have a 1948 Panhead you are looking to rid yourself of.

    Pictures available upon request.

    Also, if you have any suggestions of other places I might post this, I am all ears. Thanks for reading!

    *EDIT: I also have two Gilera/Sears 106 parts bikes I am looking to rid myself of, so if you are interested let me know. I might also throw them in with the Morini to sweeten the deal if need be.



    Try some of the classifieds sites listed at Bikelinks: … assifieds/

    and also the forums section:




    Where R u located? Can you send photos to my email addy?

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