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    (Sorry for my English but I am from Belgium)
    I am the owner of a Belgian motorcycle of the mark Ready with engine Villiers 125cc Mk 9D.
    The Ready factory made only motorcycles from 1926 till 1940, but the number on the motor is 640/22380
    Normally de pre-war engines have a letters (AAA) and post war engines have a number (000).
    May be different numbers are used by Villiers for a production outside the Great Britain.
    Because the Belgian factory Ready did not exist any more after the war and thus it is not possible to put a post war Villiers motor.
    Also knowing that my motorcycle is of origin and has sudden no transformations or repairs (driving replacement)

    Which could inform me about the date of manufacture of this engine?
    In annexe a photo of the Villiers motor
    Thank you


    Hello Dannybuck,
    The 9D engine was made before, during and after WWII. This means you can find 9D’s identified with either the pre-war letter system; AA, AAA or AAA***A as well as the three number system used after the war.
    Your 640/ is correct for a Villiers 9D made between 1946-49. They stopped making the 9D in 1949.
    We cannot be more accurate than that. Most of the Villiers information from 1946-49 is lost.
    At this time Villiers sold 9D engines to Eysink, Hulsmann, Sparta in Holland and Socovel in Belgium so your engine may have come from one of them.
    Good luck,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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