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    I have TWO 250cc Super Sabres, unfortunately one with a nice set of 16 inch wheels, the other with dirt bike puddle jumpers. Need original type 18 inchers front and rear. I have of course many duplicate parts that other owners might need – write yer wants.

    Re: Jean Davids- I also have a ’37 DB200, and got two batches of parts from him. He is one of the few suppliers that is fairly easily reached fromt he USA. [Do note that he travels all over Europe to bike shows, so may be out touch for periods]. He corresponds well in Dutch [of course], with German a next best bet. English is difficult for him.

    Also note that Jean is not real careful about exact matches for year. He just grabs what he can. He also selld repro parts. A good example is when I wanted to get the correct finned exhaust nuts for my ’37. He cheerfully sent the chromed grooved type, appropriate for later years. I did return them for a refund, but it was annoying.

    http://www.classische-technik.de/ had the correct ones.

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