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    I have came across this motorbike a few times and realy like the look of the robustness of the frame and front forks.

    I’ve seen one of these bikes rebuilt into a diesel bike and looked realy impressive in the new transformation and of cause I’ve seen them with side car combination.

    Could I ask the forum members if they have heard of the Zundapp Z22 or similar size bike being used as a solo bike and could you tell me how they handle on the roads. Is there anywhere to buy remanufactured frames for these bikes or old stock frames from so I could start a self build from old spare parts or is this asking to much and could I be possibly dreaming at the possibility of doing this.

    Your feedback will be very valuable be it good or bad.

    thanks in advance


    Sheffield, England, UK, S25

    email – boyle1962@yahoo.co.uk

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