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Glanfield Rudge

This 1928 machine, designed by S.T.Glanfield was one of the earliest purpose built Dirt Track machines to be built in the U.K. Hardly surprising, after all, he had just returned from a completed tour of the World aboard a Rudge Whitworth sidecar outfit.
A number of riders quickly applied for duplicate machines that was to be marketed under the name of the "Glanfield Rudge Special".

A 499cc Rudge Whitworth engine was used in a Duplex Frame with straight tubes bolted together, so if through a crash one of the tubes became bent, it could instantly be replaced.
Wheels and forks were standard Rudge Whitworth fittings, and an Andre steering damper was used. Adjustment was provided for a single footrest and initially, models came equipped with a clutch, which was later removed and having a single gear Ratio of 8:1.

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