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Mon, 06 Nov 2017
bechtel.eric at yahoo.fr
Twn 350b 1938

Hello, I' m french. I just Want to inform you about a fraudster on web site. He sent me mail cause he Want to know if i'm looking for piece for my TWN. Look his message :

Look my friend , i can not even think of staying on top of your small dollar , i`m 74 years of age with grand son and daughters , i have never stolen from any body before not even now . So do not be afraid , if you still need other parts just feel free to let me know , so that my mechanic will get every thing removed once , if not send me your exact shipping address now , to enable me figure out the shipping fees to your door step . Regarding payment , since you are afraid , i will advise you don`t pay any money yet not until i paid the shipping fees with my money and send you the scan copy of the air way bill receipt proving that your parts are actually in the shipping office ready to be ship to your door step , before you will go and transfer the money to me via money grams money transfer thanks. Hope you understand better now ?

So take care about this guy. I don't Want to say his name cause i'm sure it,s fake. Put this message please cause he try to make a deal With me With pictures and your website ! Best regards
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