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Alldays & Onions built motorcycles in Sparkbrook, England from 1903 to 1915. Models included the Villiers-powered Alldays Matchless (no relation). After 1915 they moved to a new factory in Small Heath and marketed under the Allon brand up until 1927. Allon models included a 539cc JAP V-Twin model.

The Alldays name dates back to the 17th century, and the firm merged with JC Onions in 1885 to build all manner of machinery including numerous bicycles and tricycles, and branched into automobiles in the early 1900s. During WWI they built mostly motorcycles, returning to cars on cessation of hostilities. The company changed its name to Alldays Peacock which was acquired by the Spire Group in the 1980s.

1910 Cycle and Motorcycle Exhibition
Alldays and Onions.
Matchless Works, Birmingham. Stands Nos. 82 and 83.
This firm have an extremely well-designed 3 H.P. motor-bicycle, up-to-date in every respect. The valves are mechanically-operated, and the engine is provided with a ball bearing crank shaft. The magneto is driven by an enclosed non-stretchable chain. The engine is free, the clutch and two-speed gear being in the hub of the driving wheel. The belt pulley is adjustable so that the correct tension can be maintained on the belt without the risk of unduly straining the bearings. The frame is low, and spring forks are provided. Ample petrol and oil tanks are fitted, a great point from the tourist's point of view. The machine is a very quick starter and the "pick up" on either gear is gentle. It will be noticed that the firm only manufacture this one size of engine, so that all the attention in the countless details that go to make up a perfect design has been bestowed upon the one model—a fact which we think the purchaser will appreciate.

Thu Dec 22 2016
pamrickaitken at iinet.net.au
All Days & Onions motorcycle 1914
I am interested in an estimated value for a 1913 Alldays & Onions motorcycle fully restored to concourse condition

Sat Nov 13 2010
alldays allon
what is the general value of a 1910 allon missing lights, not running(no spark) but in general good condition.

The page on Vintage Motorcycle Values may prove helpful.

Fri Mar 26 2010
magneto for Alldays allon
alldays and onions allon
i think it was EIC mag that was fitted from 1914 - . Maybe Baby Fellowes 1913. Hope this helps. please send me photos of your bike. thanks

Tue Feb 16 2010
motosdhier at yahoo.fr
What make was the original magneto ?
ALLDAYS ALLON 3HP 2 strokes 1919
Re engine TSA 2023, what make and type of magneto should be used as original please ?
We do hope this period document can be useful. Thanks a lot for your kind help
Pierre Martin
Editor in chief
MOTOS d'hier

Tue Apr 17 2007
w.grattan at ntlworld dot com
alldays & onions
Hi there, can you tell me the colour scheme of the petrol tank?

Sun Sep 24 2006
hjvinning< at >hotmail dot com
Oil leak
Alldays Allon 1920
I have an oil leak at back of the drive pulley wheel, after removing pulley wheel I find there is no felt or rubber washer should one be there?
Jersey, CI

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