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A Brief History of the Marque

Alta were motorcycles produced from 1969 to 1970.

•1969 The Alta motorcycles were trials machines built in Wales. They were developed following conversion work on road Suzuki machines. A Suzuki 118cc two-stroke engine was used on the Alta. The motorcycle had a dual-range gearbox to supplement the the three-speed one, so that it offered both high and low sets of ratios. The machine had a light-alloy monocoque frame.

•1970 The frame became tubular. Significant increases in costs brought the production of Alta to an end as the motorcycles would have priced themselves out of the market.

There was also an Alta made in Greece, and Alta Car & Engineering Co 1931-1947

Sources: Grace's Guide, EMU

Fri Oct 23 2015
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More information available
Alta all
I was a close friend of Keith Taylor who was the owner & designer.  I have a lot
Let me know if you want to give you more info.
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Swansea the home of Alta
Alta History

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Alta Suzuki
Trails AL 154
Here is a photo of Alta # AL 154 That I have owned since 1974. I am just starting a restoration on it.
Northern California. USA

Mon Jun 24 2013

1970 Alta Suzuki
I have what i believe is a 1970 Alta Suzuki, mine has a 120(118 cc) Suzuki but it doesn't have a high/low trans in it. Do you have any pictures or info. that might help me figure out exactly what i have? Or any contacts that could maybe help me out?

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