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A Brief History of the Marque

Arbinet Freres
72 rue Berbisey
DIJON (Côte-d'Or)
The business began in Gevrey Chambertin between Beaune and Dijon, also in Côte-d'Or, before moving to Dijon.

Some sources give manufacture dates of 1924 & 1927 to 1934, but we have an image purporting to be of a 1910 model. A correspondent states that correct date is probably 1913, and that early models used sidevalve Zurcher engines. Tragatsch states that they built their own two-stroke engines of 98cc, 173cc, 198cc, 347cc and 497cc, but this is likely incorrect as other, later, sources say that all their engines were from other manufacturers including Zurcher and possibly Massardier.

Post WWI production focused on vélomoteurs, but they also built larger machines including a Magnat Debon engined overhead-valve 350cc in an AYA frame.


F1 1928 350cc 4T
F2 1928 350cc 4T
CSSG 175cc 4-stroke 1929
ASSC 250cc 4-stroke 1929-1932
BSSC 1929-1931 350cc 4T
CSSC 1929-1932 175cc 3 speed four-stroke
ESSC 350cc 4-stroke 1931-1932
FSSC 500cc 4-stroke

The marque was acquired by Grellaud Guillon and Fontenay-le-Comte in 1934 and the name applied to their cycles until 1941.

Sources: JLB-Creations, Didier Mahistre

Fri Nov 25 2005
thefrenchowl at btinternet dot com
Arbinet Freres
Patrick again!

The engine in those Arbinet was a Zurcher one, made by Alcyon, also French. Earliest date i can vouch for that 250cc side valve engine is 1912. I did visit the site where they were 1st built, a little village between Beaune and Dijon and was told at the time (mid 70's) that they started motorcycle manufacturing in 1913. They moved to Dijon itself after WW1

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