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Arden Cyclecars

A Brief History of the Marque

Arden of Balsall Common, Coventry produced cyclecars and automobiles between 1912 and 1922. 

The company was situated in Berkswell, near Coventry, and was first known for cyclecars and light cars. After World War I they developed and marketed a spring front-fork with side members from pressed steel, with adjustable links on cup-and-cone bearings. They also produced a 269cc two-stroke engine. That engine and the fork were used by several smaller assemblers such as Endurance, Gaby, Norbeck and Priory. They are not thought to have produced many complete machines. 
From 1912 they built a cyclecar which developed into a well-made four-cylinder car, featuring full four-seater coachwork. 

The first model of 1912 was a 8hp V-twin, air cooled, 898cc JAP-engined cyclecar with a wooden chassis which continued in production until 1915. 

Only one Arden, a 1913 Alpha two-cylinder-engined, two seater, is known to survive. 

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