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A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured in France 1903-1932*
According to Tragatsch, Austral was an old established Paris factory which produced for many years 211cc two-strokes, and after WWI 246cc versions. They also built machines powered by 246cc and 346cc sv and ohv JAP and Zurcher engines. Austral was part of the Alcyon group of companies. 

*Notes: Henshaw says 1908-1932

Sources: JLB-Creations

Austral?...Or what?
by viking » 18 Jan 2011 03:27 pm 
Forum Post

Can anyone tell me if this is a Austral-motorcycle? As you see, engine is LMP-
probably 250cc. Gearbox is Staub, carburator is JG (Gurtner?), magneto MEA and generator Novi. And frame is near Austral frame?

It seems that frame is a little bit modernized? Should bike to be a "flat tank"-model?
Tank is perhaps too modern for this bike?

All information is useful for me because we don't have many French bikes here in north..

Tue Apr 17 2007
gubben32 at hotmaildot com
211 cc two stroke 1920-1923
Hello could you help me with some pictures of how my Austral have look like when the bike was new. I dont now which colour the bike is original paintet with.

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