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BAUER, Germany 1936 - 1953 (or 1956)

L. Bauer & Co. (Bauer-Werke GmbH), Klein-Auheim, Main

The L. Bauer & Co factory in Klein-Auheim started as a bicycle factory in 1919. In 1936 some small motorcycles with 75cc and 98cc Sachs engines were added to the production line. After World War II some models with SACHS and ILO engines were produced with great success. Then they designed their own engine, a 248cc four-stroke with the carburetor in front of the engine and the exhaust port at the rear of the cyclinder head. Some technical problems were never solved, and at the end of 1953 motorcycle production ended.


B 98/2: 98cc Sachs engine, 3 HP, twospeed, 1949-1953
B 100: 98cc 98cc Sachs engine, 3 HP, twospeed, 1950-1953
B 125: 123cc ILO engine, 5.5 HP, threespeed, 1951-1952
B 150: 147cc Sachs engine, 6.5 HP, fourspeed, 1952-1953
B 175: 174cc ILO engine, 7.5 HP, threespeed, 1951-1953
B 250: 248cc Bauer fourstroke engine, fourspeed, 12HP, top speed 110 Kilometers per hour, 1952-1953

Bauer B150.jpg
Bauer B150

Submitted by Hartmut Schouwer

Wed Jul 30 2014
bauerwerke at
bauer b100 poland 0826 1936yehr

Beautiful Bauer-1936-B100-Poland.jpg will be posted-1407

Thu May 22 2014 at
Bauer Restoration
Bauer 1951 B-150
This Bauer was given to me in boxes, so I decided to give the Bauer a new fresh life in California. I am currently breaking it in slowly.
California, USA

Bauer-1951-B1560-CA-1.jpg will be posted-1406

Thu May 15 2014 at
Diode in headlight bucket.
Bauer B150
Need to know what type or spec's is the diode in the electrical system on the B150 running the Hella system.
Calif. USA

Bauer-B150-CA.jpg will be posted-1406

Mon Apr 14 2014
marcos.a.hume at
Sachs Bauer 1940
I have this motorcycle.I want to sell it.How much does it cost.need restoration,but it is running  and complete-

Mon Dec 23 2013
Bauer video
Bauer unknown
Any idea what is this:
Cincinnati, USA

Fri Dec 06 2013<at>
Bauer Moyorcycle
Bauer 1951 B150
I aquired the B150 from rodmiller<at> of California usa. my question is; Is there any Bauer B150s in the Usa besides the one that I have?
California USA

Bauer-1951-B150-CA-1.jpg will be posted-1312

Sun Jun 16 2013

bau BAUER B100
witam posiadam bauera b100 kickstarter numer ramy 0082!! ok 1936r,silnik 1936
Mon Jun 17 2013
bauer b100 1936
1936 BAUER B100
i have Bauer b100 have the frame number 0082 is the result of that is the beginning of a series about 1936rok engine numbers also point to 1936, kickstarter, after renovations to the end


Thu May 30 2013
I've got one Bauer Werke
1937 B-100
I have a Bauer Werke B-100, it's in original state. So i am wondering, what is the value of these bikes now? And is it worth selling?
Belgrade, Serbia


Wed Nov 23 2011
Bauer B98
1936-37? B98
I bought bodynumber 2022 Bauer (picture below). I have started restoration. All information about this model and information about accurate modelyear, especially pictures, are wellcome.


Thu Jul 21 2011
Bauer Spitzenklasse
I am try to get some information on a German made Bauer 3 speed. Are you able to help me?
Sarasota, FL

Tue Apr 19 2011
bauer gas tank and chain guard decals
bauer  1951 b150
need the decals for the bauer gas tank and chain guard
california usa

Try our page on Badges and Decals

Sun Apr 10 2011
bicycles Bauer
Bauer 50 yahre
Guten Morgen!
Ich besitze ein Fahrrad Marke Bauer. haben die 50-jährige Firmenjubiläum Bauer gemacht. Ich bin in der Anzahl der Einheiten erzeugt interessiert dieses Modell.
Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort. Ich kann nicht Deutsch, so dass ich mit Google zu übersetzen. Grüße Peter Konvi&#269;ný Šumperk!
Šumperk , CZ

Fri Jan 01 2010
bicicleta bauer
Poseo una bici creo marca bauer y queria confirmar si es o no una Bauer y saber model y donde puedo encontrar informacion


Sun Dec 13 2009
1949 Bauer
Bauer 100cc
A friend gave me this bike. Had to bring it home from Germany.
Langley, B.C.


Wed Jun 17 2009
Information about Moped
Bauer Unknown
In 1958 I saw a Bauer motor bike . I estimate 50cc. Excellent workmanship. I am unable to find any information concerning this Bauer product. If you could provide any assistance I would appreciate that. Thank you.
California, USA

Sun Jan 25 2009
Bauer Werke SM 98
bike is bauer werke,serial number is 2022 and engine number is 444576 Sachs SM 98.
can you help me to find some information of this bike,like when it was built and how many.
everything what you can tell me is important.


Mon Nov 05 2007
Bauer 98 year 1939
Wir haben ein Motorfahrrad Bauer Typ 98 Baujahr 1939 und suchen Fotos und technische Informationen, um einen KFZ zu beantragen.
Können Sie uns behilflich sein?
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Kathrin und Franz-Josef Gerigk
Olpe Germany

Sun Oct 15 2006
bauer B-100
i have B-100 from 1936 and i would like to sell it it works and it is in good condition

Thu May 11 2006
Bauer B 150
Pictures of my bauer B 150,1950.
Edgard from belgium.
De motorfiets is geheel gerestaureerd en heeft het eerste weekend van mei zijn eerste oltimer rally gereden zonder probleem.
Lommel (belgium)

Robotrans: The motorcycle is completely restored and was  ridden the first weekend of May to its first oldtimer rally without problem.

Bauer B150 1950.jpg
Bauer B150 1950

Mon Oct 17 2005
hi i have found a badge with 50 jahre bauer on it could you please tell me what it is off?

Bauer 50 Jahre badge.jpg
Bauer 50 Jahre badge


Have found a very? old Bauer motorcycle with an ILO motor 125ccm (under hundred tons of spider !!!)
I guess technical books were eaten by stupid rats !!!
So could you help me on having information on this motorcycle (Web site, addresses, books, all others, ...)
For information, my name's Thill Georges and I'm leaving in the nice country of Luxemburg.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Thill Georges pcp at

February 18, 2001
I'm interested in photos and information of motorcycle Bauer with Sachs 98cc (year1939?)  If you have that kind, please send me. My address is aikin at


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