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Bernardet 1949-1957
The history of the firm dates back to 1921 when the brothers Bernardet built their first sidecars and presented them at the Paris, Berlin and Geneva shows. The company was founded in 1932, and the brothers continued with racing and commercial success until 1940 when the production of civilian models was interrupted. After hostilities ceased a small number of sidecars were produced until 1948. Several cars were produced but none achieved government authorisation (due, it is said, to the brother's resistance to the communist-dominated government of the early post-war years) and the factory switched to scooter production, building 15 models over the years 1947 to 1959.

Scooters included the 125cc B49, C50, E51, Y52 and Servomatic, and 250cc BM250 and D41.

The scooters employed engines by Ydral and Marcel Violet (creator of the Sevitame), and some 125cc & 250cc powerplants were made by Bernardet themselves.

Le Poulain acquired Bernardet in 1954 and continued producing scooters, some of which were supplied to one of the major Belgian firms which marketed them as Gillet, the original name of Gillet-Herstal.

See the excellent site devoted to the marque: bernardet.com


Sun Sep 28 2008
mpt at nusurf.at
need Help
Bernardet C50
I looking for Tank / Whatch / Exhaust /Spare wheelcover and Spare wheel to complet my c50 .
Need also detail drawing from Gurtner carb . 
Hope you can help me .

Paolo Monti from Austria
Schlusselberg , Austria

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