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A Brief History of the Marque

Prior to WWII, Mario Bonvicini had been a successful motorcycle racer. The motorcycles he produced after the war had engines from ILO and NSU, as well as some of his own design. Production included 50cc and 175cc racing machines with frames by Verlicchi, and also a moped.

Built in Bologna from 1952 until 1988, some of the factory output was marketed in Germany under the Tornax banner. Minarelli engines were fitted to the Pokerino scooter of 1963.

BM Bonvicini & Moto BM appear to be the same marque. Bonvinci models include the Jaguarino Turismo and the Jaguarino Cros, both with twostroke engines of 48cc

Bonvinci also built the Yankee Boss for Yankee Motors of Schenectady, New York.

* One source says founded 1952.

NB. Henshaw lists an earlier BM, Italy 1928-1931, a collaboration between Antonio Baudi and sidecar maker Meldi using JAP OHV 500cc engines.

Sources: Henshaw et al

BM Bonvicini Models include:

    50 50cc 1956-1964

    75 75cc 1956-1964

    75 Minotauro 75cc Scooter 1959-1960

    75 Scooter 75cc 1956-1958

    Pokerino 50cc 1963-1964 (also marketed by Negrini as the Farfallino and Beta as the Cignono)

Sun Mar 13 2016
Hslwijnands at gmail.com
BM Jaguarino
Anyone know more about this BM?

Sun Sep 27 2015
iron_giant at hotmail.com
Bike Identification
Bonvicini Marino Boss mini bike
Picking this up tomorrow & was curious about any info you might be able to provide
Waterville, Maine

Sun Apr 26 2015

lcb4bb at gmail.com
moto bm motor minereli
I have a cool little bike and need a service manual for it and have no idea where to find one. Please contact me at 5405993397. I would love to have this Italian 80's Jewel running good.
pembroke, va
From FB Jan 2017:
Hello I wanted to point out that this moped is a BM Bonvicini transport model, with engine FB Minarelli 3-speed transmission with forced cooling. I might add that all bikes and mopeds bm bonvicini, although the brand on the engine bm bonvicini in reality engines are fbm, fb minarelli, and franco morini motori engines.

Wed Feb 25 2015
jamedarcher.44 at gmail.com
Moro Bm
Bm boss engine
i may have an moto Bm complete engine minus carb become available for sale. Serious inquiries only please.
texas, usa

Sun Nov 10 2013
motore bm bonvicini 50cc
bm bonvicini ??
salve avrei bisogno dei dati tecnici di questo bonvicini perchè non ho i documenti
vi ringrazio!!

Ed. Not at all sure it's a Bonvicini.


Mon Aug 26 2013
gerald-abratique<at> yahoo.com
n/a n/a
Please help, can you guys tell me something about it? model? year? any useful info about it. thanks!


Fri Jun 07 2013
Moto BM Boss
Looking for any sites for parts
Ontario, Canada

Wed Nov 28 2012

Bologna Moto Jaguarino? (not sure)
Did you know something about this motorcycle? (Year can be app. from 1952. - 1957.)
Ivani&#263; Grad, Croatia

Sun Dec 25 2011

Moto BM Bologna
Moto BM Bologna B.M Holiday Duomatic
Hello, I have a bike that i think is B.M Bonvoncini. On the side says B.M Duomatic, and on the other side Moto B.M Bologna
The frame # is MOTO BM/TK*0607*
Any information you may have will be very help-full
l will up load some pictures
Thank you

Sun Oct 17 2010

Moto BM
A week ago, I found this motorcycle. I will repear it, but I don't now exactly the real and correct name of the bike. I think Moto BM bologna
But i don't now it exactly.
Also I could'nt find information about it on the internet.
Can you please help me?
Sorry for the bad picture, but I don't have a better one :)
Thanks in advance, and I hope the hear something from you soon.

Kind Regards

Frederik Arnauts
Lille, Belgium

Wed May 20 2009

cjsummerfield at hotmail dot com
Information concerning "boss" mini bike
Bonvicini? Moto BM?
I was given a mini bike and I was hoping to get an idea of how much it is worth. It reads "Moto BM Bologna Italy" on the side of the motor and the back of the seat. It was made by Bonvicini and it is called "boss". I have the owners manual and the motor is a Motori Morini Franco (super sport turbo 48cc). The bike is in fair/good condition and runs awesome. Can someone help me with its value? Thank you.
The page on Vintage Motorcycle Valuations may prove helpful.

Mon Mar 31 2008

dieseleye at gmail dot com
moto bm unknown
do you know anything about this bike? It says moto bm on back of seat and motor. Thank you, Mike
buffalo, ny

Moto-BM-1956-175cc image here:
www.museoannicinquanta.it/moto-bm.htm (Site offline)

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