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Buchet 1903 500cc engine

Brief History of the Marque: Buchet

The Buchet was a French automobile manufactured from 1910 until 1930.

The product of a firm which had been known before World War I for producing automobile, aircraft and motorcycle engines, it was first offered in a 12/20hp model with a 1996cc motor. Post-war 1,131cc and 1,551cc cars were produced; these remained in production, largely without change, until the company closed due to the onset of the first great depression . Introduced at the end of the company's life, the final model was a 1,737cc six-cylinder automobile.

Buchet engines were fitted to Avondale motorcycles and the Charlton, also British, used a 402cc engine. Another Brishigh machine, the Powerful from Coventry, was fitted with a 2.35hp Buchet.

Baileul, a French brand used Buchet.

Sources: Grace's Guide

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