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Brief History of the Marque: Dollar

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Omnium Métallurgique et Industriel, 34 rue A.Lançon
PARIS (13°)

Most Dollar machines were 125 to 350cc singles powered by JAP among others (1), but pride of the 1933 fleet was a 750cc unit powered by a Chaise V four, an engine which was later used in aircraft and which influenced the designs of several other builders in both France (notably the Majestic) and Italy. An example of one of these rare and splendid machines is pictured below.

The origins of the Dollar marque date back to 1850: Foucher and Delachanal mechanical engineers. In 1890 the business began construction of cycles under the brand "Omnium Spencer", and shortly thereafter began building Dollar cycles, capitalising on the fashionable obsession of the time with all things American. The first machines were powered by Moser 123cc engines and were presented at the October 1923 Paris Salon. By 1926 the range consisted of 12 models including a triporteur, all with Moser engines. In 1927 the first Chaise-equipped machine appeared - this engine caused quite a sensation, having overhead camshafts and hemi-spherical combustion chambers.

Some models may have been powered by Zurcher engines.

More information at Wikipedia France
Quite extensive model information is available at JLB-Créations

1) Wikipedia France gives MAP as an engine provider, but there is (Jan 09) no reference to such a manufacturer. Perhaps it's a reference to MAG or New Map.

Dollar 750 V4 Touring 1932.jpg
Dollar 750 V4 Touring 1932

Wed Jul 07 2010
1934 500
we are a french team who ll go to Bonneville in 2011 with a Racing Dollar motorised by a 500 JPA for more informations :


Sat Feb 20 2010
Dollar 250 ohv
DOLLAR chaise motor
Hi, need copy or some owner manuel from a Dollar 250 ohv built 1930. Who can help me? Thank´s
near Munich
Suche Papiere/ Kopieen
Dollar 250 chaise Motor
Hallo, suche Papiere/ Kopien von einer Dollar 250OHVoder Literatur. Wer kann mir helfen? Danke!

Fri Mar 06 2009
dollar motorcycle
dollar not sure 250 or the G 3
I have a picture of my grand father on a dollar motorcycle, but not sure
wich one it is ? and love to by the one on the picture .
new york USA

Thu Jan 22 2009
Motorbike Dollar 1927
Dollar ESS 6 ?
I can buy a motorbike which looks like a Dollar, but has a Zürcher engine. Frame number 2644C engine SMAC B4 277 Zurcher. Year 1927.Has Dollar used Zurcher engines? Does the combination look original? Thank you, regards Ben Geutskens, Holland
Norg, Netherlands


Sat Feb 16 2008
Dollar motorcycle
Dollar P2  250cc
The model I own and use is a 250cc O.H.V. Chaise engined machine.
Year of manufacture 1929.
Northumberland U.K.


Wed Dec 21 2005
j.brakke at
Dollar Chaise  1927-1932 ???
I have a Dollar 350 cc.
Plaese i want moor information,can you help me? I live in Holland.
Gr Jan,

Mon Aug 29 2005
johnqian at
dollar motorcycle (french)
I have one in complete and untouched condition. It has the chaise engine. No picture at the moment. Interested persons may contact me.

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