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Dürkopp History
Factory founded 1867 by Nikolaus Dürkopp, producing motorcycles before the turn of the century. Motorcycle manufacture ceased between 1912 and 1927. Production of all motorcycles and scooters ended in 1961 as sewing machines were proving more profitable.

In the 1920's the Dürkopp automobile factory employed over 6000 workers building a range of cars which included models from 1500cc to over 6 litres.

In 1954 Dürkopp built the Diana scooter, a relatively luxurious unit with electric start and a four-speed gearbox for its 200cc two-stroke engine. Production of this model ended in 1961.

Excellent history in English and German at

Models included
1930s M10 98cc Sachs
M10 98cc Sachs
MKL 100, MF 100, MFS 100 Sachs
M125 ILO
M125A Ardie
1951-1954 MD150
1952-1954 MD200
1952 Mopeds Fratz I, II, III, IV and Dianette (all marketed under both Durkopp and Ardie labels)
1954 Diana Scooter
1959 Diana TS 175cc
1959 Diana Sport 200cc

Sun Sep 28 2014
jmgouv at
Durkopp Diana 200 Model D2
I'm restoring a scooter Durkopp Diana 200 Model D2 (chassis number 201942).
However I have had difficulty finding who sell parts for this brand.
Looking for some help and thought someone here might have information on where to buy these parts.
I'll be very grateful if you could give me some response.
I need the following parts:
1 Piston 65mm with ring set.
1 Connecting Rod.
Thank you.
Jose Gouveia
Mafra - Portugal

Sun Nov 17 2013
durkopp md 200 1953
how to speed gearbox has DURKOPP MD 200

Mon Nov 19 2012
Fuel tap
1955 200E
Please infor if you can help to find a Fuel tap for Diana Durkopp 200cc w/o electric start from 1955
Posted in the German Motorcycle Forum

Thu Mar 15 2012
bebsreilly<at>gmaildot com
Bike for sale
Durkopp Dianna
1958 Durkopp Dianna Scooter.Classic scooter, fully restored, nut and bolt rebuild. Any inspection welcome. Call for more details. Photos before and after. This is a rare opertuinety to own a pice of motering history.
Price: € 4,750
Dublin Ireland


Fri Jan 13 2012
jackmaunders3<at>gmaildot com
Durkopp Diana
Diana Sport 1960/61
I had a two tone Sport with chrome bars all round from 1961 to 1965, and would love another.
SW London/Surrey

Fri Jul 08 2011
drsanjeevvaz<at>gmaildot com
durkopp md 200 1953
I am restoring my father's MD 200. I need a chain cover , the aluminium insert at the junction of the cover and the engine and also the disc which fits on the rear wheel between the top and the bottom half of the cover. Can you help me find these parts. Thank You
Goa, India.

Wed Mar 23 2011
spare parts/complete bike
durkopp md200  1953
Main item required is a conrod for the motor.Would consider complete motor
wedderburn NSW

Wed Feb 23 2011
michael.e.regan<at>gmaildot com
Durkopp Diana Bicycle
I am having incredible difficulty finding any information on this bicycle.  Can anyone help me identify it and tell me a little about it?  I'm not sure if it is rare or not. I'm not sure how to tell exactly what decade it is from either. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks!
New York


Wed Sep 29 2010
durkopp md150
where can i buy pistonrings for my durkopp md150

Sat Jul 24 2010
donpetrallis<at>hotmaildot com

durkopp md 200
hi, i have a durkopp md 200
does anyone know where i can find parts for this bike?
many thanks andy

Wed Apr 14 2010
Durkopp Diana exhaust
Durkopp Diana 200
hi, looking for an exhaust system for my durkopp diana 200, please email me fo you can help.
North Wales, UK

Wed Apr 14 2010
durkopp diana cylinder head
durkopp Diana 200
hi looking for a durkopp diana 200 cylinder head asap
please email me
North Wales, UK

Wed Nov 18 2009


Fri Jun 05 2009
aswin.rinaldyimgyahoodot com
My Collection
1952 MD 200
I am an Indonesian. I have Durkopp Motorcycle MD 200 1952 with 2 manual book and its original wrench. Lucky me! hahaha


Sun Apr 26 2009
durkopp m12 1938
does anyone know where I can find parts for my 1938 sachs engine?its difficult to find parts here in norway

Sat Apr 25 2009
jamesisaacsimgbigponddot com
durkopp diana sport
tying to find anyone with parts

Tue Mar 31 2009
kelli-webbimgyahoodot com
Vintage Motorcycles
Duerkopf Duerkopf
I don't know much about these German motorcycles other than we have one and I would like to find out more information about it. Can you help me?  Kelli

Sun Jan 18 2009
s.lockleyimgskydot com
1960 durkopp diana diana sport model 60.
We have a 1960 durkopp diana for sale, unfortunately not in working order we have also workshop manual which is very good condition.wondered if anyone interested in buying please contact
either by
email, or phone  tel 01142213644
sheffield south yorkshire

Wed Dec 10 2008
m.ferguson949imgbtinternetdot com
dukupp diana sports
where can I get pistons for 1959 machie anybody help me, best regards
 m. ferguson

Tue Nov 25 2008
Durkopp Mr Diana scooter
Mr Diana 1958
Need a clutch cover for my Mr Diana and was wondering if you know where I could get this or who to contact to get this?
please email me

Wed Nov 05 2008
chinnimtimghotmaildot com
Durkopp Diana 1957 Information Required

dear sir,
I have a Durkopp Diana.
I think it is a 1957 model.
I require some parts to complete my restoration.
I also would like to see if I can still but a work shop manual or a book with information.

Can you please guide me as where I can aquire more information about this bike.
I thank you in advance and wait your reply.

Kind Regards
Naxxar, Malta

Thu Sep 11 2008
MRudyawanimggmaildot com
. .
My Classic Motorcycle


Wed Apr 09 2008
karl.mullendoreimggmaildot com
Durkopp Diana for sale

I have 1956 Durkopp Diana I'd like to sell. It is complete and in good running condition. $3500 or near offers.


Sun Mar 02 2008
emilimghs-decorativdot com
Spare parts
Info Diana Durkopp
I need some spare parts for Diana Durkopp 1958. Any infirmation available is appreciated.

Mon Oct 15 2007
dburgessimgnwlinkdot com
My Old Scooter
1958 Durkopp Diana
Mischa in Detroit has posted a picture of what I believe is my old Diana. If Mischa sees this, please contact me!!  David Burgess, Seattle
Seattle, WA

Tue Sep 04 2007
necesito manuales del motor

Ncesito manuales del motor para restaurar mi Diana, contactarme en


Try our page of resources for Books and Manuals

Durkopp Diana Chile 2.jpg
Durkopp Diana Chile

Thu Aug 16 2007
karl.orpin1imgbtinternetdot com
1958 Durkopp Diana
How much would a 100cc engine cost for this scooter?

Sun Jul 15 2007
durkopp diana 200 sports
hello the scooter is running and would mot
 i have the v5 it has its own number too many projects thanks

Wed Apr 18 2007
1958 durkopp diana
I would love to get the oil and fluid specs if anyone has them. I can't seem to find any info.Anything would be greatly appreciated.
Detroit, Mich

Durkopp Diana 1958.jpg
Durkopp Diana 1958

Sat Mar 10 2007
Photo for gallery
Durkopp Diana Sport
Attached photo of my Diana in the late 50s.

Had a partial seizure after 200  mile trip, engine distmantled by M/c expert who said it was the finest 2stroke engine he had ever seen, and he could not understand why a needle bearing had disintegrated as the lubrication was fine.
Toured Holland & Belgium in the following 2 weeks and everything went fine.
Coventry  UK

Durkopp Diana 1957.jpg
Durkopp Diana 1957

Tue Feb 27 2007
Durkopp Manuals
1953 OTTO 150cc
My friend has purchased a 1953 150cc Durkopp and would like to see if a wiring diagram is available, as it currently is stripped of all wiring.  Does any one know if this is available somewhere and if spares are available in the UK?

Wed Dec 06 2006 [bounced]
Deurkopp Automobiles
Car #13
My gransfather drove the Deurkopp #13 factory race car. I'll try to find a picture of it.

Tue Jul 04 2006
Durkopp Motorcycles
I'm interested in buying a Durkopp? Do you know of any for sale?

Tue Mar 21 2006
designimgsmoothprintingdot com
1952 durkopp
I was wondering if you could point me to any info on durkopp motorcycles, parts, history any thing would be helpful. Not finding anything on line about them. thanks, clay

There are a few entries for Durkopp in Bikelinks, here:
Otherwise, information is very sparse.

Fri Nov 18 2005
osdaljulimghotmaildot com
durkopp scooter
I own a Diana TS 200,  who can help me to find technical information about this scooter
Julien Dams ,Belgium

Sat Oct 29 2005
duerkopp m10 1927 year
hi! i own durkopp m10 motorrad, but i cant find any information about it. please if You have a material about it write me.
sincerly yours, max.

Oct 2005
Book on Ebay Germany
Ardie und Dürkopp Motorräder
Dürkopp: 1,75HP - 2,5HP - 2,25HP - 3HP - 3,5HP - 4,5HP - 6,5HP - MF - M 207 - M 10 - M 11 - M 12 - M 12 Sport - Saxonette - M 10 - M 100 - MF 100 - MFS 100 - ML 100 - MKL 100 - M 125 A - MD 150 - MD 200 - MD 176 - MD 201 - Diana - Fratz - Dianette ....          .

Original in Folie eingeschweißt,  21 x 28  cm /  144 Seiten /  270 Abbildungen/ Hardcover

Sun Oct 16 2005
Durkopp Moped Cycle
Could you please let me know some about this Durkopp.
Greetings from Argentina.

Thanks for your fast reply, I bought this bike many years ago in Argentina and was in the shape you saw I just make a little upgrade in the Engine,as you can see the bike is an Original Durkopp cardanic transmition the Engine is two strokes and the tansmition to the front wheel is done by a rubber chain, I`m sending another close up picks, somebody told me that this bike is from1918 y realy don`t have no idea, thay is the meaning at once to share this bike to the Web and the other is to help me to know about the History of this rare Bike. Hoping to have news form You.


Durkopp Autocycle 2.jpg
Durkopp Autocycle 2
Durkopp Autocycle 3.jpg
Durkopp Autocycle 3
Durkopp Autocycle 4.jpg
Durkopp Autocycle 4

July 23, 2000
HI I own a Dürkopp bike under a Portuguese registration as being a MD176 model from 1958. The bike is a 2stroke single cylinder 175cc with 2 exhaust pipes, one on each side. I'm trying to find out as much as I can about it, things like manufacturer's history, technical designs (restoration is involved), parts' dealers, market value etc. It looks like a DKW 175 of 1957 but with an extra exhaust. Any information welcome. THANKS. --  Paulo Noronha  --  psergionoronha at hotmaildot com

Durkopp Diana.jpg
Durkopp Diana

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