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EBE Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
Manufactured: 1917-1929
Amal, Sweden

KG Lindqvist of Gavle built a four-stroke auxilliary bicycle engine in 1917 which gained recognition very quickly, and was bought by two princes of the regency, Carl and Bertil.

The company went bankrupt in 1921, but began again in 1922 with a better machine weighing only 47kg and powered by a 175cc engine. This, too, was bought by the two young princes in 1926. The machines did quite well in competition in the hands of the son of Lindqvist and others.

The EBE concern was an early victim of the first Great Depression, and closed, finally, in 1929.

The Lindqvist family went on to build suspension, marine engines and other automotive components.

The company exists today as Componenta, apparently, although there is no reference to their history on the site componenta.com and many links have expired.

Sources: Bjorn's Story

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