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Tragatsch gives manufacture dates of 1904 to 1909, but other sources indicate that the motorcycles were being produced at a much later date. Danish site Veteran.dk lists Klassiske Motorcykler Bind 4 which runs an article on a 1907 Elleham.

Kim Armand Nielsen writes:

Ellehammers first 3-cylindered engine for his aeroplane (homebuilt using cylinders and -heads from the Peugeot-Freres engines of his motorcycle) built in the first years of the 20th century does still exist!
It is considered the mother of all radial-engines and is exhibited at Elsinore tech. Museum in Denmark, where it is started up daily

I can personally report that it runs extreme smooth!

Tech. stuff: At rebuilding after discovering few years ago the sparkplug thread showed to be standard of today, hence the significant fine pitched thread of todays spark plugs is in a way a historical relic

Tue Nov 07 2006
tommy at t5.dk
Elleham , Denmark

Now You can se pictures from Denmark, with the old bike, and he is driving around on this Museums thing...
You are allowed to use the picture in this mail. It is posible, that there will be 2 more bikes in wheels next year, if he works heard enough.
Thanks for Your Site, Great!

Tue Aug 29 2006
tommy at t5.dk
Ellehammer motocycle
I am searching for sites with info about Elleham bike. I am going to make a new site for my uncle, who is an owner of a Elleham. And it can run! www.elleham.dk

To the person who sent the image above, many thanks!
August 2005 - the image above was borrowed from the http://egeskov.dk/motorcykelmuseum Egeskov Castle site which has the only known example of the Danish manufactured Kyhl motorcycle built in 1905.

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