Favor Motorcycles

Favor Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
1919 to 1959
Guillaume Frères

This French company built midrange twostrokes and JAP engined SV and OHV single cylinder machines. After the Second World War they built motorcycles using engines from AMC, Aubier-Dunne, Benelli, Alter and others.

Models included 1929 EJ 250cc, & 1929 F 350cc and 1930 ERS 250cc

Sources: JLB-Creations  

Favor Motorcycle Poster

Sun Sep 11 2016
fsphotoss at gmail.com
Favor 350 FS
I have this motorcycle,but i can't find more info for it....
PLEASE help me to learn more for the bike

Images posted here

Thu Jan 08 2015
KRuby at talktalk.net
Favor 1959 Alter Engine
I need a replacement piston for this bike. Can you help?
Kent, England

Wed Feb 26 2014
david-smith1979 at hotmail.com
favor alter
i just purchased one of these from nice, France and had it shipped to sydney, australia,, can any one tell me more about this bike etc

Favor-Alter-Moped-AU-1.jpg will be posted-1403

Sat Jun 02 2007
tmt.services at btopenworlddot com
Favor ( model not known)
I have just bought a Favor motorcycle and wonder if you could tell me the model and year of manufacture. A few parts are missing but nothing that can't be fabricated, so worth restoring I feel.

I mail a photo of the bike for your assesment.


Chris Tier
Southampton UK


Fri Dec 29 2006
zeneiva at msndot com
Favor type F 350
Recherge une reservoir entretube, par une Favor Type F 350 de 1929.
Viana do Castelo

Robotrans: Recherge joins to reservoir entretube, pair joins Favor Type F 350 of 1929.

Mon Oct 17 2005
eumel-lennep at t-online.de
favor motorcycle
I have a favor motorcycle from ca.1928 and I need the technical dates . It is a 100ccm two-stroke motor and it has an uncomplete 17mm Zenith carburettor ,the nozzle-pin is lost,it were nice if anybody has a drawing of these parts.so long

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